Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vaccine Freedom Under Fire

I came across an article shared on Facebook about vaccines - "Why I Chose Not to Vaccinate My Son." It was posted by a Homeopathic practitioner, Michele Brookhaus, RSHom(NA), CCH. You can find her website at http://beyondwell.com. Yahoo had picked it up on the 25th of July 2015. When I looked for it on the 28th of July, it was gone. I had to use web archive to try and find it. Fortunately, it had been captured and I found the original site or I never would have found the article or her site.

In the article, Ms. Brookhaus presented a cogent, rational argument on why she chose not to vaccinate her son. It was backed up with research. But when I went to the comments, the only thing I found were ninety percent negative against what she was saying.

What I'm learning is that despite someone's best efforts at rational discourse, people are going to believe what they want to believe. The commenters, instead of testing her theories and looking up the information she presented, simply dismissed them out of hand as the ravings of a quack doctor. They only have questionable studies that prove the efficacy of vaccines. They presented no information to refute the fact that eczema is listed in the vaccine insert as a side effect of the vaccine. They presented no reason why it is a good idea to force people to conform to their view of mandatory vaccination. Here are some references for those who are willing to look. In those articles you will find the references to journals that support a cautious approach to vaccines.

Herd immunity is a myth.

Outbreaks are more common in vaccinated populations than in unvaccinated ones.

Nutrition and hygiene were more strongly correlated with a decrease in disease than vaccines because all of the vaccines were introduced late in the trends. This is most true in the case of Measles.

There have been zero measles deaths in the last 10 years compared with 108 deaths from measles vaccines.

But none of this matters to the people who support vaccines. They don't care about the evidence, only their own indoctrination.

It does no good to post in Facebook comments. No one is changing anyone's mind through comments. Someone said this: "Just because something happens around the same time as something else doesn't mean it's related." They said that trying to claim no relationship exists between the Eczema and the vaccine. Yet, they won't see the same logic in refuting the claim that vaccines were not responsible for the decline in disease - good nutrition and hygiene was.

People have their minds made up until it happens to them. Logic doesn't win arguments - emotional reactions do. Only when people are confronted with tragedy will they change their cherished beliefs. The indoctrination from the medical establishment (see the Flexner Report) is just too strong. Yet it is amazing the number of people who turn to "alternative" medicine when the pharmaceutical drugs fail them and even hurt them.

All I can say to Ms. Brookhaus is be encouraged. There are many of "us" on your side. I will speak the truth as much as I can. I will post the truth in articles for the world to see and ignore the trolling comments. I found her article and agree with it. I will ignore the hatred coming from the comments toward her.

Homeopathy has worked for our family. It will work in the future. Allopathy is a failed model. The people who hate Ms. Brookhaus for what she wrote are ignorant of the truth. They don't understand that the whole health model was dominant until Allopathy was forced upon the American people at  the turn of the twentieth century through the financial support of Rockefeller, Carnegie, and others.
History of AMA
Medical Mafia
They haven't yet been touched by tragedy. They don't know that the medical community is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. That link is from the Huffington Post in 2014. Their cognitive dissonance and pride prevent them from considering another viewpoint. I pity them.

But they become the enemy when they insist on forcing their totalitarian views on us through forced vaccinations. This is nothing more than Eugenics repackaged.

I long for the day when we can return to reasoned debate. Unfortunately, the pro-vaccine side is so woefully ignorant that reasoned debate will be impossible in the near future. Until then, let's agree to disagree and let freedom reign. Our bodies - our choice. Forced medication is nothing short of tyranny.

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