I am a serf who works in Corporate America.  I attended an elite school of government propaganda and indoctrination.  The blinders first started to fall from my eyes while I watched the controlled demolitions of 9/11.  A few years later, I stumbled upon the Peak Oil issue while researching which oil stocks to buy.  This in turn led me to discover a seminal book, John Taylor Gatto's, The Underground History of American Education.  After this, the search was on to ferret out what other lies I had been taught.

While many posit that there are some political answers to our situation in America, I believe that our only hope is for as many people as possible to find the self-governing influence of Jesus Christ.  My writings reflect the ultimate hope that as Christ comes in to an individual, that individual will affect his or her family.  Then that family will affect their circle of influence.  Then, when enough circles have voluntarily bowed the knee, communities will be back on the path of self-governance instead of relying on man's laws.  When enough communities are following the rule of law, then perhaps the culture at large will start to pull back from the authoritarianism, materialism, and pragmatism we find today.  In short, I believe the answers are spiritual, not political.

Each of us must do what God has called us to do and not worry about what God has called others to do.  In this way, God is the conductor, not us.

Thanks for stopping by.  I pray you will become educated and grow in your understanding of the truth.

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