Monday, October 14, 2013

Thoughts on recent EBT shutdown

Obama promised hope for America.  He said change was coming.  Too bad nobody bothered to ask him what he meant by "change."  It's not the kind of change we were expecting.
Here is where we are:

I got my EBT

Somebody OWES Me!

Obama is going to pay for my gas and mortgage!

Mr. Ghetto - Wally World

Now, check this out:  Tomorrowworld

What is this book they're worshiping?  It's called "The Book of Wisdom."  My wife nailed it.  "It looks like a video targeted at young white guys to spend their money hoping they can hook up with the fairies at the end." Notice that the tomorrowworld youtube site has over 2 million 400 thousand views!  And why are they kissing that book again?  Near as I can tell, it's just a scrapbook of pictures.

Here are some other interesting links to that "New Age Woodstock"

Book of Widsom

Tomorrowworld on Facebook

Billboard Article on American Version September 2013

A participant's view

Here's a quote from the last link:  "As I traveled to each of the stages, I was totally drawn to the DJ’s and how much power they have over the audience.  Almost like a God (in that setting)… they can take you wherever they want you to go. "

Yep.  Exactly like that.  Now I know why the Christians of yesterday instinctively knew that rock music and the accompanying stage productions were bad news:  they are modeled after pagan worship principles.

The Secret History of Rock and Roll

Why I left CCM

Why I've stopped singing in your church

Christian Rock is Pagan

In case you haven't noticed, we live in a post-Christian America.  The culture wars have largely been lost amidst a time of prosperity.  People are not motivated to seek Jesus while things are going so well.  Abortion on demand remains the law of the land.  Known perversions are held up as the ideal:  Greed, Pride, Selfishness. 

I'll bet you thought I was going to talk about homosexuality.  That battle has been lost as well.  While Christians have been distracted by the homosexual issue, the far more sinister ethic of "greed is good" has replaced Christian virtues of thrift and service.

Having a parallel culture of "Christian" music, clothes, schools, etc. hasn't stopped the moral decline of our nation.  When things go south, the unbelievers aren't going to come rushing to the churches saying "you were right."  They are going to ask why we didn't warn them.  I'll tell you PRECISELY why.

501(c)(3) - It's guidelines are contained in IRS Publication 1828 - Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations.  It's mere title should tell us that churches (and the individuals responsible for allowing the church to come under government rule) have sold out in order to keep more of the donated money than they otherwise would have by not paying taxes.  And what does this cost?  Here's a quote from page 5:

A church or religious organization will be regarded as
attempting to influence legislation if it contacts, or urges
the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative
body for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or
opposing legislation, or if the organization advocates the
adoption or rejection of legislation.

Now I wonder why Roe V. Wade is still in effect?  I wonder why the church hasn't had more to say about the U.S. government allowing it's currency to be loaned to it by the private bank called the Federal Reserve?  I wonder why the church hasn't moved to revoke the corporate charters of known environmental abusers such as Union Carbide, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical.  Don't remember why Dow Chemical is bad?  Here is their most famous faux pas, The Bhopal Disaster.  Dow is chartered by the U.S. State of Delaware.  Were there ever any calls from the church for its dissolution in Delaware?  What else has Dow been involved in?  Check out this list:

This is a simple sample from just 15 minutes of research.  This is only what the public knows about.  What else is hidden?  Dow is just one example in a long list of corporations and governments that have not been held accountable because the church found itself compromised by it's 501(c)(3) status and would not speak out for fear of losing its tax-exempt status.

In conclusion, what do we do?  The individual people have a right to good leadership in the church that will lead them to be actual salt and light in their culture.  I think the only way to help people crippled by a generation of failed government dependency policies known as President Johnson's Great Society, is to abolish those handicapping handouts.

If even the zoo keepers know that feeding the animals makes them dependent, how could our government not understand this?!?

It boggles the mind; unless, it could be ON PURPOSE?

There is much to do.  Most of us, myself included, are landlocked into corporate wage slave jobs.  The church just wants to make more converts while disengaging from society.  For now, Christians who are walking with God and who form the real Church in America must simply prepare and look for solutions to change the mindset of people who will be violent and helpless in case of a shutdown.

We do that one person, one church, at a time.  Here is the best model I've seen so far.

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